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Photoelectric Beam Sensor TAKEX PXB-100HF(E)

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Mã số:13302852
Photoelectric Beam Sensor TAKEX PXB-100HF(E)

Photoelectric Beam Sensor TAKEX PXB-100HF(E)

- Double Modulation: Double modulated beams are designed to distinguish the external lights. It increases the reliability in the outdoor security system. (50,000 lux light immunity).

- Quad High Power Beam

   + The beam power is 100 times of the minimum requirement.

   + The beam distance is 10 times of the described specification.

   + This high power beam maintains the ability to operate reliably in inclement weather.

- Wide Beam: The pitch between upper and lower beam is wider than previous models; drastically reducing False alarms initiated by birds and falling leaves.

- IP65 Highest Rating In The Industry: Water tight bushings and seals maintain device integrity from water, insects, and dust; further inclusion of a breathable membrane prevents internal condensation from affecting performance.

- Anti-Bird Spike: Keeps birds and small animals from roosting on the sensor, maintaining a clear detection path for increased reliability.

- Drip-Proof Housing: Channels the elements (rain and snow melt) away from the optical surfaces of the sensor, avoiding false alarms caused by beam attenuation.

- Advanced Reticle Sighting System: Enables a faster and easier alignment process.

- Increased Vertical Angle Adjustment: The horizontal is still ±90°, ±20° better accommodates alignment on uneven terrain, when compared to existing models (±10°).

- Target Color: Structure colors are tuned to the Peak Wavelengths of the Human Eye Response (Photopic eye response), to be easily targeted in the beam alignment process.

- Bi-Directional Wireless Alignment Checker: One person can accomplish system alignment in a fraction of the time; for dramatic savings on labor costs. (sold separately) . Bi Directional communication distance is max 200m.

- Low Current Consumption: 50% reduction in current consumption allows cost savings upfront (by reducing the required wire gauge on installation), and continues the savings for years to come with lower electrical consumption.

- Eco-Friendly: RoHS certified compliant: free from Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated biphenyl, and Polybrominated biphenyl ether.

- Lightening Protection: Maximum Lightening induced surge protection to 10,000VDC (normal mode) and 15,000VDC (common mode).


Model PXB-100HF
Detection system Near infrared pulsed beam interruption system (TR-RE 4 beam simultaneous interruption)
Infrared beam Double Modulation LED pulse train
Protection distance Outdoor 330' (100m) or less
Max. arrival distance 3300' (1000m)
Response time 0.05sec. to 0.7sec. (Variable at pot)
Power supply 12 to 30V DC (Non-polarity)
Current consumption 32mA or less
Alarm output Dry contact relay output form C
Contact action: Interruption time(Min.2sec.)
Contact capacity: 30V (AC/DC) 0.25A (resistive load)
Protective resistor
Environmental output Dry contact relay output form C
Action: Activated when weather condition gets worse
Contact capacity: 30V (AC/DC) 0.25A (resistive load)
Protective resistor
Tamper output Dry contact relay (N.C.)
Action: Activated when cover is detached
Contact capacity: 30V (AC/DC) 0.1A (resistive load)
Protective resistor
Alarm LED Red LED (Receiver) ON: when an alarm is initiated
Attenuation LED Red LED (Receiver) ON: when beam is attenuated
Ambient temperature range −31°F to +151°F (−35°C to +66°C)
Beam adjustment Horizontal : ±90°, Vertical : ± 20°
Functions Modulated beam frequency selection, Tone indicator, Environmental module Beam power selection, Transmitting power adjutment, Alarm memory indication, Programmed AGC,Auto-gain lock function, Monitor jack, Tamper, Response time adjustment, Upper/Lower beam switch, Wireless Alignment Checker connecting function
Mounting positions Outdoor, Indoor
Wiring Terminals
Weight Transmitter: 49oz (1400g)
Receiver: 51.5oz (1470g)
Appearance PC resin (wine red)
Accessory Pole attachment, Anti-Bird spike, Screws, Instruction manual

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

Giá: 10.660.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

Số lượng :

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