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Đầu báo hồng ngoại TAKEX PA-6612E

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Mã số:13309615
Đầu báo hồng ngoại TAKEX PA-6612E

Đầu báo hồng ngoại TAKEX PA-6612E

- Twin mirror optical system: 

   + The unique combination of a pair of optical units (twin mirror and two twin pyro) yields original protection area, by which the discriminating capability between human body and small animals is increased. This results in drastical reduction of false alarms due to small animals. (The current Quad PIR usually has the weak point, that the discriminating capability varies depending on the protection distance.)

PA-6612E has overcome this weak point by the newly developed twin mirror technology, which enables non-linear control of zone disposition depending on the protection distance, in addition to the object size discriminating capability similar to the current Quad PIR.

- Easy installation:

   + The sensor unit can be snapped into and out of the base unit.

   + One touch operation eases installation in high places.

- Silent relay: Photo-mos relay adopted at alarm output. Completely noiseless by eliminating the movable part which is inside of the relay.

- High stability:

   + Signal processing by the original CPU.

   + Excellent R.F.I. and noise immunity.

   + Good protection against insect intrusion.

- Sensitivity selectable: Sensitivity is adjustable: 60%, 80%, 100% and 120%.

- Pulse count selectable: Mode selector allows setting for 1, 2, 3, or 4 triggers to initiate an alarm output to suite its application.

- Alarm contact selectable: Mode selector allows N/O or N/C contact to be selected.

- Auto/manual memory: Alarm memory can be either automatically or manually controlled.

- Other features: Wall/Ceiling mountable with optional attachment BCW-401.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model PA-6612E
Detection system Passive infrared
Coverage Wide angle 40' (12m) Max.
Sensitive zone 17pairs (64)
Supply voltage 10.5 to 18V DC (non-polarity)
Current consumption 25mA Max.
Alarm signal Dry contact (N/C, N/O selectable)
Reset: Approx. 2sec., 24V, 0.25A Max.
(protective resistance 3.3Ω)
Alarm memory Auto: 3 minutes flashing, 47 minutes lighting and automatically reset
Manual : Manual control
Alarm LED Red: Flashing at warming up
Lighting at alarm (LED disabled)
Memory LED Yellow: Flashing at memory activated
Lighting at memory indication
Adjustment Vertically 19.5°, Horizontally 25° (on mounting hole of base)
Count changeover 1/2/3/4 changeover
Ambient temperature range +5F to +131F (-15C to +55C) without condensation
Mounting position Indoor ceiling (wall mount with optional attachment BCW-401)
Wiring connection Terminals on separate base unit
Weight 4.7oz (135g)
Appearance Body: ABS resin
Cover: PE resin
Accessory Tapping screw: 2 pcs.
Sensor locking screw: 1 pce.

- Xuất xứ: Nhật Bản.

- Bảo hành: 18 tháng.

Giá: 1.560.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

Số lượng :

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