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5-port 10/100Mbps + 4-port PoE Switch TENDA TEF1105P

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Mã số:04460024
5-port 10/100Mbps + 4-port PoE Switch TENDA TEF1105P

5-port 10/100Mbps + 4-port PoE Switch TENDA TEF1105P
-5-Cổng 10/100Mbps với 4 cổng PoE.
-Chuẩn IEEE 802.3af, at.
-Hỗ trợ cung cấp nguồn cho cổng PoE lên 30W.
-Vỏ sắt.
-5-port 10/100Mbps unmanaged switch that requires no configuration and provides 4 PoE ports. It can automatically detect and supply power to all IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant Powered Devices (PDs).
-Enabling 'Ethernet Extend Mode' makes Ports 1-4 negotiate to 10M full-deplex rate and isolated from each, but all communicate with the Uplink port. In this mode, the transmission distance can be up to 250m.
-In this situation, that the electrical power is transmitted along with data in one single cable allowing you to expand your network to where there are no power lines or outlets, where you wish to fix devices such as APs, IP cameras or IP Phones, etc.
Đặc tính kỹ thuật

Standard&Protocol IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at
Interface 5 x 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation ports, port1 to port 4 support IEEE802.3 at/af PoE standard
Network Media 10BASE-TX: UTP category 5, 5e cable (≤250m) ; 100BASE-TX: UTP category 5, 5e cable (≤150m)
Indicator 5 x Link/Act, 4 x PoE Status, 1 x Power, 1 x 100Mbps
Input Power External Power Supply: 51VDC/1.25A
Consumption 2 Watts (max. no PD connected) ; 63 Watts (max. with 58W PD connected)
PoE Total Power 58W
Forwarding Mode 10BASE-T: 14880pps/port ;100BASE-TX: 148800pps/port
Backbound Bandwidth 1Gbps
MAC Address Table 1K
Dimension 100 x 100 x 26mm

-Bảo hành: 36 tháng.

Giá: 650.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

Số lượng :

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