Hộp phối quang Dintek ODF 24 port (2201-24060)

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Hộp phối quang Dintek ODF 24 port (2201-24060)

Hộp phối quang Dintek ODF 24 port (2201-24060)

Part number: 2201-24060

ODF 24 port Fiber optic enclosure, 19' rackmount, ST/SC/FC dual type panel, black metal with splice tray (casket) & holder

1U - Fixed Fiber Enclosure Tray - With SC Plates

DINTEK Light-LINKSTM 1U rack mount fiber optic splice and termination enclosures provide an economical and quality solution for installations of any size, where direct termination or pigtail splicing is required.

The typical use of these enclosures include situations where outside plant cables are terminated onto the back of the adapter plate or where pigtails are spliced onto the incoming cable. These enclosures are also used as point to point patch connections or as end termination for backbone spurs in the Telecom environment.

The Light-LINKSTM 1U, 2U and 4U fiber optic enclosure range comes in two designs, sliding and fixed type. The units can be purchased as a base unit without adapter plates or with adapter plates included depending upon the customers preference.


-       Designed for fiber optical backbone cabling applications

-       Snap-in adapter plates and removable cover provides for easy access and installation

-       Fixed type & sliding type enclosure options available

-       Easily added to existing multimedia installations that will require fiber terminations

-       Splice tray, sleeves and LC, SC, ST adapters are available separately to load into the enclosure (optional)

-       1U size gives up to 24 or 48 depending on adapter type

-       2U size gives up to 48 or 96 depending on adapter type


-       Per 19” rack mounts requirements

-       Material: Iron - Powder Coated Black

-       Dimensions:
1U -  h 44mm x w 482mm x d 300mm
2U -  h 88mm x w 482mm x d 300mm

Standards Conformance

-       Standards ISO/IEC 11801

-       Cenelec EN 50173-1 / TIA-568 C.0

-       Data Center Cenelec EN 50173-5

-       ISO/IEC 24764/ TIA-942

-       Sản xuất tại Taiwan.


Giá: 1.280.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

Số lượng :

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