Dụng cụ nhấn cáp Dintek-Punch down tool (6103-01001)

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Dụng cụ nhấn cáp Dintek-Punch down tool (6103-01001)

Dụng cụ nhấn cáp Dintek-Punch down tool (6103-01001)

-         Punch down tool – dụng cụ nhấn cáp vào patch panel và Keystone Jack.

-         Product Code: 6103-01001


DINTEK 110 Punchdown Termination Tool

-         If you're going to be terminating our RJ45 jacks without the use of the ezi-TOOL , or you need to terminate wires onto a 110 block,  you're going to need a good punch down tool.  DINTEK’s Single wire 110 Punchdown tool allows for the best possible termination via the 110 impact system on to IDC terminations.


-         Terminating wires onto 110 style block connectors

-         Terminating Category 3 twisted pair RJ45 voice jacks

-         Terminating Category 5e & Category 6 RJ45 Jacks


-         Suitable for 110 cross-connect systems

-         Suitable for punch and cut or punch only

-         Compact body for easy storage in your tool box, tool bag, or pocket

-         Spring-loaded design provides a low-effort wire seating & termination

-         Internal impact mechanism eliminates jamming

-         In-handle blade storage compartment

-         Uses standard twist and lock 110 blades for terminations

Giá: 550.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

Số lượng :

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