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Card ghi âm điện thoại 30 kênh VoiceSoft VES1

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Mã số:14020010
Card ghi âm điện thoại 30 kênh VoiceSoft VES1

Card ghi âm điện thoại 30 kênh VoiceSoft VES1

PCI E1 card 30 lines. PRI 30B+D digital line recording


Supporting windows XP Simplified Chinese version, English Operation system

2.Phone Recording

The system has more kinds recording control. Start time of recording can be set freely –can record some duration ,or record whole a day. Can set 4 disk at most, which is hard disk or subarea. If system hard disk will be fully occupied,it will delete previous record content so that system can operate continuously .

3.Monitor real time

Can monitor every real-time conversation of each channels. Recording clearly to make surethat coversation party do not feel other people recording or monitor.

4. Caller ID

It will display incoming call number of dialling call.It can do some record when recording, so that it can be inquiry in future.

5.Operation Log

The system has the integrity operation log, it can record all of the system operation.

6.Unanswered Call

It will displayin the unanswered call database if the call not unanswerof incoming. So that youcan find out the customer incoming call information and deal with them in time.

7.Incoming call number popup

Notice: If the user want to use thisfunction, its telephone line will apply Caller ID (FSK/DTMF).

Open thisfunction, it will popup the incoming call number of client so that the service worker can know the client status.

8.Business management (POPUP)

If the user want to use this function ,its telephone line will apply Caller ID (FSK/DTMF).

It can pop up the client’s detail information of incoming call if you add the client information to your information bank.. It also can record your client’s address, telephone number, business record and so on contents.This system becomes your business helper.



-       Size: 205mm X 106mm X 15mm

-       Resistance: > 8 MΩ

-       Signal Noise Proportion: >= 38dB

-       Recording distortion:=< 2%

-       Frequency: 300 – 3400Hz

-       Date rate: ADPC 16Khz

-       Collection rate:8Kbps each channel

-       Sound Output rate>= 50mW (earphone driver)

-       Echo suppression ratioplayback ≥ 40Db

-       Recording and play backde code format: CCITT A/μ-Law 64kbps,

-       Recording time: Nolimit

-       Temperature: -20 0÷  + 85 0C

-       Humidity: 5%  ÷  85%

-       Sản xuất tại Taiwan.

-       Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

Giá: 39.850.000 VND

Số lượng :

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