Bộ nguồn lưu điện Online 10KVA UPS EPI MST-Pro 1110

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Bộ nguồn lưu điện Online 10KVA UPS EPI MST-Pro 1110

Bộ nguồn lưu điện Online 10KVA UPS EPI MST-Pro 1110

- High Reliability: MST-Pro Series offers high quality power supply with the greatest degree of availability and reliability.

- Extended back up time: Battery expansion is possible to increase the back-up time of the UPS. For longer back-up time, it is available MST-Pro “L” version without internal battery but with powerful battery charger.

Main Features

- MST-Pro has faster response, more reliable protection by adopting hardware circuit current-limiting on rectifier and inverter sections;

- MST-Pro greatly reduces the voltage stress of input PFC switching components, increase the overall working efficiency by adopting PFC soft switching circuit technology;

- Electric stress on switching on or off UPS is reduced by 50%, inverter working efficiency increases efficiently, support all kinds of load;

- Overall efficiency is increased greatly, less power consumption on small load, effective efficiency reaches over 91% on full load;

- With mobile network monitoring function developed, end user can monitor and supervise UPS functioning and running with mobile device anytime anywhere;

- Stable output voltage wave form, more accurate output range: 220V+/-1%.

Đặc tính kỹ thuật

Module Model  MST-Pro1110
Capacity  10kVA/8000W
Selectable Voltage Range With 50%load, 110VAC ±3%; with 100% load, 176VAC ±3%
Frequency Minimum transfer voltage ±3%
Power Factor Maximum transfer voltage -10V
Voltage (on battery) 46Hz-56Hz @ 50Hz system; 56hz-64Hz @ 60Hz system
Frequency (on battery) Single phase grounding mode
Waveform With 100% load ≥0.99
Output voltage 208/220/230/240 VAC
AC voltage range ±1%
Frequency range 46Hz-56Hz @ 50Hz system; 56hz-64Hz @ 60Hz system
Frequency range (Battery mode) 50Hz ±0.1Hz or 60Hz ±0.1Hz
Over-load  AC battery:
   + 100% -110%: 10 mins;
   + 110% -130%: 1min:
   + >130%: 1s
 Inverter bypass:
   + 100% -110%: 30s;
   + 110% -130%: 10s:
   + >130%: 1s
Current peak ratio 3:1 (max value)
Harmonic distortion ≤ 3%THD linear load; ≤6% THD non-linear load
Transfer time AC battery: 0ms
Inverter bypass: 4ms (under standard condition)
AC mode >90%
Battery mode >89%
Standard mode Model / quantity: 12V/7Ah or 12V/9Ah x 16 pcs
Charging time: 90% capacity after 9 hour
Charging current: preinstalled: 1A ±10%; max value: 2A
Charging voltage: 218.4VDC ±1%
Long run mode Model: depends on the usage
Quantity: 16-20 (can be adjusted)
Charging current: Preinstalled: 4A; ±10%maximum value 6A ±10%
Charging voltage: N x 13.65VDC 1% (N is the battery quantity)
Standard mode Size DxWxH (mm): 500*240*616 (mm)
Net Weight: 63kgs
Long run mode Size DxWxH (mm): 500*240*460 (mm)
Net Weight: 22kgs
Operation temperature 0-40 °C (battery life will be shorten in an environment higher than 25 °C)
Operation humidity <95% RH and without condensation situation
Operation altitude < 1000 meter
Noise < 55 dB @ 1 meter
Smart RS232 or USB (optional) Support Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows® 7/7, Linux, Unix, and MAC

- Bảo hành: 24 tháng UPS và 12 tháng Acquy.

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