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Tủ Rack 19-inch 42U VIVANCO VE8042.56.100

Trang Chủ >> Thiết bị mạng >> Tủ mạng-Rack VIVANCO >> Tủ Rack 19-inch 42U VIVANCO VE8042.56.100
Mã số:04605307
Tủ Rack 19-inch 42U VIVANCO VE8042.56.100

Tủ Rack 19-inch 42U VIVANCO VE8042.56.100

- Part number: VE8842.56.100

- Vivanco VE Rapid Cabinets provide a customizable solution for datacenter build-outs, network rooms, or IT closets. The feature-rich, robust design can be shipped flat packed or as a custom-configured solution that is fully assembled with accessories pre-installed. Vivanco VE Rapid Cabinets offer multiple size combinations, abundant accessories, and optional front and rear doors styles to meet your specific needs.

- Dimension (Width × Depth × Height): 800 × 1000 × 2072 mm.

- Cabinet Capacity: 42U.

- Front Door: High-density single open vented door.

- Rear Door: High-density double open vented door.

- Color: RAL9005Black.

Features & Benefits

- Security & Protection

   + Locking doors prevent unauthorized access to equipment;

   + Two pairs of adjustable 19-inch EIA rails provide a stable mounting structure.

- Flexibility

   + Vertical zero-U lacing panel pre-installed in rear corners for easy cable management

   + Multiple cable entry options provide greater flexibility during installation

   + Removable and lockable half height side panels Multi-Use

   + Adaptable for use in data center build outs, computer rooms or data closets.

- Multi-Use

   + Adaptable for use in data center build outs, computer rooms or data closets.

- Key Features

   + Pre-installed recessed casters combine convenient mobility with minimal added height to provide additional stability;

   + Brush cable entry slots at front and back of top panel and sliding panels on bottom;

   + Ships fully assembled and can be configured with accessories to match your individual requirements.


Raw Material SPCC
Cabinet Structure Assembled frame structure
Front Door High-density single open vented door 
Rear Door High-density double open vented door 
Side Panel Half height, removable side panel
19-inch Rail  Power coated, 2.0mm thick SPCC
Finish Powder coated
Max. Open Angel 180 degree
Color RAL9005 Black
Maximum Static Load Capacity  1300 kgs
Dimension (Width × Depth × Height) 800 × 1000 × 2072 mm
Capacity (U) 42
Compliance ANSI/EIA RS-310-D
DIN41494 PART1
DIN41494 PART7
Giá: 15.951.000 VND

Số lượng :

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