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Âm thanh di động không dây SoundPlus TRAmp-ST

Âm thanh di động không dây SoundPlus TRAmp-ST

-       Công suất: RMS 30W.

-       Dãi tần số: VHF – 200MHz.

-       Có khả năng kết nối với Micro không dây, Micro có dây.

-       Loa, Amply tích hợp.

-       Có thể sử dụng liên tục trong thời gian từ 3-5h.

-       Sạc pin trong vòng 8-10 tiếng , có thể vừa sạc vừa sử dụng.

-       Loa: 5.25’’

-       Treble / Bass tone control

-       1x RCA-In / 1x RCA-Out nút điều khiển

-       Pin khô sạc đầy: Sử dụng được từ 3 đến 5h

-       Kích thước : 170(W)x 145(D)x240(H)

-       Trọng lượng : 6 kg

-       Vỏ làm bằng chất liệu gỗ đặc biệt, mặt trước là Duralumin (Chất liệu Nhôm đặc biệt chuyên sản xuất vỏ máy bay).

-       Bao gồm: Amly, Loa, Microphone không dây.


SoundPlus TRAmp-ST - TRAmp-Standard Portable Wireless Amplifier

This 'baby' packs some powerful acoustics. Featuring a RMS 30-watt amplifier with wired and wireless microphone. Equipped with 3.5mm aux-in/out circuitry.

Powerful RMS 30-Watt Output VHF-200MHz or optional UHF 863~865MHz 16-Preset Frequency Wireless Microphone (Other frequencies are Optional).


Special Features

-       Introductory model especially for speech application. Compact All-in-One system combination of power amplifier, wired & wireless microphone, tone control, speaker and rechargeable battery.

-       Clear sound wireless transmission of VHF-200MHz or UHF-800/900MHz w/ 16-freq. selection.

-       Real unique and multiple application by one-wireless and one-corded microphone

-       Low-noise wide dynamic amplifier consists of highly balanced tone control of ±10dB

-       External or internal sound source can be connected by 3.5mm aux-in and out jack.

-       Separate volume controls for cordless & corded microphone and aux function.

-       Built-in rechargeable maintenance-free sealed battery runs extremely long operation

-       Solid construction and elegant tailored design made by strong wooden MDF for powerful sound output

-       Comes complete with hand-held or tie-pin microphone per order, ready for use

-       ABMR (Automatic Battery Monitoring & Recovery) to protect rechargeable battery.

Wireless microphone

-       PLL Synthesized 16-selectable frequencies. CPU operation.

-       Noise-lock and long operational distance without signal dropout.

-       Excellent frequency response with stable performance.

Treble/Bass Tone control

-       Treble/Bass tone control in range of ±10dB 

Special Note for ABMR(Automatic Battery Monitoring & Recovery System)  

-       All Soundplus amplifiers are armed with ABMR which continuously monitors the battery and automatically turns off the amplifier if voltage drops to a dangerous level. But system can instantly recover by switching on the supplied AC/DC adapter.




Power Output

RMS 30-Watt

No. of Mic Input

1 x Wired Microphone (1/4' Phone jack) + 1 x VHF or UHF Wireless Microphone


Approx. 3 ~ 4 hours (Depends on operating condition)


1 x Wireless mic / 1 x Wired mic / 1 x Aux-in


1 x Treble/Bass (±10dB)


1 x 3.5mm Aux-In / 1 x 3.5mm Aux-Out


5.25' Full range Dynamic


12V/3Ah Rechargeable, Maintenance-free, Sealed-acid

AC/DC Adapter

SMPS AC100~240V / DC 15-16V/1.5A UL/CE/CSA/TÜV…


Approx. 8 ~ 10 hours

Weight (Gross)

Approx. 6Kg Nett


170mm(W) x 145mm(D) x 240mm(H)

Wireless System


Carrier Frequency

UHF 863 ~ 865MHz (Option : VHF-200MHz)


PLL Synthesized


±0.005% Crystal controlled


±15kHz Nor. / ±30kHz Max. w/50µS Pre & De-emphasis

Freq. Response

50Hz ~ 15khz ±2dB

Max. Distortion

≥0.3% at 1kHz, 15kHz DAV

Dynamic Range


RF Power

10mW (Depends on regulation)

Max. SPL


RF Sensitivity

0.45µV for 12dB SINAD

Image Rejection

65dB, Typical


More than 90dB

Squelch Quieting

More than 90dB

-       Sản xuất tại Hàn Quốc.

-       Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Giá: 6.260.000 VND

Âm thanh di động không dây SoundPlus TRAmp-ST
Tặng ngay 200.000 đồng

Số lượng :

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