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Patch cord Dintek CAT.6A F/UTP (1m-2m-3m-5mét)

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Patch cord Dintek CAT.6A F/UTP (1m-2m-3m-5mét)

Patch cord Dintek CAT.6A F/UTP (1m-2m-3m-5mét)

-         Patch Cord UTP Cat.6A F/UTP 10Gigabit, 2 đầu đúc RJ45.



Loại Patch cord

Đơn giá



Patch cord Dintek CAT.6A F/UTP 0,5 mét



Patch cord Dintek CAT.6A F/UTP 2 mét



Patch cord Dintek CAT.6A F/UTP 3 mét




-         Cat.6A 4 Pair F/UTP Patch Cord PVC

-         DINTEK PowerMAX+™ Foil Wrapped UTP Patch Cords, are key components of the PowerMAX+™ F/UTP end-to-end solution.

-         DINTEK PowerMAX+™ F/UTP Patch Cords are specifically designed to support high speed data networks for 10-Gigabit Ethernet  applications, and are fully tested to meet ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A channel requirements. The patch cables are made from high quality shielded four pair 26AWG stranded wire. 

-         DINTEK PowerMAX+™ patch cords are pre-terminated with RJ45 shielded plugs and feature anti-snag strain relief boots. DINTEK recommends the entire range of PowerMAX+™ Shielded products be used in a end-to-end system to maximize cabling performance.

-         26AWG stranded wire provides maximum flexibility.

-         Brilliant colors make management a snap

-         Fully tested to meet ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 category 6A channel requirement.

-         The various colors are available to meet TIA/EIA-606 standards.

-         The mechanical characteristics and transmission performance meet 16Mbps Token Ring, 10Base-T, 100Base-T, 155Mbps, 622Mbps ATM, Gigabit-Ethernet, 1.2Gbps ATM and 10G Ethernet requirements.


-         Molded boots prevent pin from bending and cables from kinking

-         Stranded wire provides maximum flexibility

-         Fully tested to meet ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 category 6A requirement

-         The mechanical characteristics and transmission performance meet 10GbaseT Ethernet, 16Mbps token Ring,10Base-T,100Base-T,155Mbps,622Mbps ATM,Gigabit-Ethernet and 1.2Gbps ATM requirements.



-         Twisted pair color code:

o   Pair 1> blue, white/blue ring.

o   Pair 2> orange, white/orange ring

o   Pair 3> green, white/green ring

o   Pair 4> brown, white/brown ring

-         Conductor: 26AWG Stranded anneal copper wire

-         Insulation material: Polyolefin

-         Insulation Diameter: 0.96±0.05mm

-         Diameter of dielectric core:   P1&P3: 0.94±0.005mm   |   P2&P4: 0.92±0.005mm

-         Number of twist pairs: 4 pairs

-         Material of jacket: PVC or LSZH

-         Jacket outside diameter:. 6.0±0.15mm

-         Shielding Material: Aluminum Mylar(Aluminum inward)

-         Shield Coverage: 100% coverage with 25% overlapping

-         Drain Wire: 26AWG Tinned Copper

-         Shielded RJ45 plug

-         Contact:copper alloy 50u” gold plated over nickel

-         Strength:20lbs. min

-         Durability:750 cycles min.

-         Insulation resistance: 500 MΩ min.

-         Assembly boots prevent cables from kink.

-         Wiring schemes: T568B wiring.

-         Color: Grey



-         Impedance: 100  15 ohm

-         Capacitance unbalance pair to ground:max. 330pf/100m Max

-         D.C.R(Max.) : nom. 14.8 ohm/100m at 20℃

-         DC Insulation Resistance (Min.): 1500MΩ/100m min.

-         Resistance unbalance(Max.):3% MAX./100m.



-         10GBASE-T Ethernet

-         100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet

-         1000BASE-TX Gigabit Ethernet

-         1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet

-         10BASE-TX Ethernet

-         ATM CB1G

-         155/622 Mbps ATM

-         100 Mbps TP-PMD

-         100VG-AnyLAN

-         4/16 Mbps Token Ring

-         Voice 



-         UL Listed

-         Meet Cat.6A channel performance requirements in ANSI/TIA-568-C.2

-         CENELEC EN 50173-1, CENELEC EN 50288-10-1 for horizontal cable

-         ISO/IEC 2nd Edition 11801 Class EA

-         Sản xuất tại Taiwan.

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