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Camera IP Dome 3.0 Megapixel PANASONIC WV-SW458MA

Trang Chủ >> Camera quan sát >> Camera IP PANASONIC >> Camera IP Dome 3.0 Megapixel PANASONIC WV-SW458MA
Mã số:02072161
Camera IP Dome 3.0 Megapixel PANASONIC WV-SW458MA

Camera IP Dome 3.0 Megapixel PANASONIC WV-SW458MA

- Cảm biến hình ảnh: 1/3 type MOS image sensor.

- Độ phân giải camera ip: Approx. 3.1 Megapixels.

- Tốc độ khung hình: Lên đến 30 fps.

- Ống kính: 0.837 mm.

- Độ nhạy sáng tối thiểu: Color: 1.5lx, BW: 1.2lx.

- Chuẩn nén hình ảnh: H.264/ JPEG.

- Tiêu chuẩn chống bụi và nước: IP66 (thích hợp sử dụng trong nhà và ngoài trời).

- Tiêu chuấn chống va đập: IK10.

- Nguồn điện: DC12V, PoE.

Đặc tính kỹ thuật

Model  WV-SW458MA
Image Sensor  1/3 type MOS image sensor
Effective Pixels Approx. 3.1 mega pixels 
Scanning Mode Progressive
Scanning Area  4.51 mm (H) × 3.38 mm (V) {3/16 inches (H) x 1/8 inches (V)} 
Minimum Illumination Color: 1.5 lx (F2.4, Auto slow shutter: Off  (1/30s), Gain: On (High))
Color: 0.1 lx (F2.4, Auto slow shutter: Max. 16/30s, Gain: On(High))
BW: 1.2 lx (F2.4, Auto slow shutter: Off (1/30s), Gain: On (High))
BW: 0.08 lx (F2.4, Auto slow shutter: Off (16/30s), Gain: On (High)) 
White Balance AWC (2,000 - 10,000 K), ATW1 (2,700 - 6,000 K), ATW2 (2,000 - 6,000 K)
Light Control Mode  Indoor scene (50 Hz/ 60 Hz)/ ELC
Shutter Speed With Super Dynamic On ELC (1/30 s)
With Super Dynamic Off
ELC (1/30 s), ELC (3/100 s), ELC (3/120 s), ELC (2/100 s), ELC (2/120 s), ELC (1/100 s), ELC (1/120 s), ELC (1/250 s), ELC (1/500 s), ELC (1/1,000 s), ELC (1/2,000 s), ELC (1/4,000 s), ELC (1/10,000 s)
Super Dynamic On/ Off
Dynamic Range  52dB typ. (only when Super Dynamic : On) 
Adaptive Black Stretch On/ Off (only when Super Dynamic: Off) 
AGC On (High)/ On (Mid)/ On (Low)/ Off 
Electronic Sensitivity UP Off (1/30 s), Max. 2/30 s, Max. 4/30 s, Max. 6/30 s, Max. 10/30 s, Max. 16/30 s
Day & Night (Electrical) Off / Auto 
Digital Noise Reduction  High/ Low
Video Motion Detection On/ Off, 4 areas available 
Auto mode Auto pan/ Preset sequence
Auto mode can only be used when the image type is Quad PTZ or Single PTZ.
Self return 10 s/ 20 s/ 30 s/ 1 min/ 2 min/ 3 min/ 5 min/ 10 min/ 20 min/ 30 min/ 60 min
Self return can only be used when the image type is Quad PTZ or Single PTZ.
Privacy Zone On/ Off (up to 4 zones available)
VIQS On/ Off (up to 2 areas available)
However, the VIQS function is not supported when 'Quad PTZ', Single PTZ' or 'Quad streams' are selected
Camera Title (OSD)  Up to 20 characters (alphanumeric characters, marks), On/Off However, you can specify characters to be displayed on each of the four screens when 'Quad streams' is selected.
Focal Length 0.837 mm
Angular Field of View Horizontal: 182°, Vertical: 176° 
Maximum Aperture Ratio 1 : 2.4 (Fixed) 
Focusing Range  0.3 m - ∞
Browser GUI
Camera Control  Pan/Tilt/Digital Zoom, Preset, Auto Mode, Self Return, Fisheye Control, Brightness, AUX On / Off
Display Mode  Spot, Quad: Image from 16 cameras can be displayed in 4 different Quad screens or 16 split screen (JPEG only). 20 characters camera title available
Digital Zoom 1x, 2x, 4x controlled by browser GUI (Panorama, Double Panorama, Fisheye mode)
1x - 4x (Quad PTZ or Single PTZ mode
Camera Title  Up to 20 alphanumeric characters
Clock Display Time: 12H/24H, Date: 5 formats on the browser, Summer time (Manual)
Alarm Control  Reset
One Shot Capture  A still picture will be displayed on a newly opened window.
Audio - Mic (Line) Input: On/ Off
Volume adjustment: Low/ Middle/ High
- Audio Output: On/ Off
Volume adjustment: Low/ Middle/ High
SD Memory Data Download Still or motion Images recorded in the SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card can be downloaded
GUI/Setup Menu Language English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
System Log  Up to 100 (Internal), Up to 4,000 (SDXC/SDHC/SD memory when the recording format is set to JPEG.) error logs
Supported OS Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, Microsoft® Windows® 8, Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3
Supported Browser Windows® Internet Explorer®11 (32 bit), Windows® Internet Explorer®10 (32 bit), Windows® Internet Explorer® 9 (32 bit), Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 (32 bit), Windows® Internet Explorer® 7 (32 bit), Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6 SP3
Network IF 10Base-T / 100Base-TX, M12 connector (female)
Audio Compression G.726 (ADPCM) 32 kbps/ 16 kbps, G.711 64 kbps 
Audio Mode  Off/ Mic (Line) input/ Audio output/ Interactive (Half duplex)/ Interactive (Full duplex)
Authentication for Audio Level 1 only/ Level 2 higher/ All users 
Total Bit Rate  64/ 128/ 256/ 384/ 512/ 768/ 1,024/ 2,048/ 4,096/ 8,192 kbps/ Unlimited
FTP Client  Alarm image transmission, FTP periodic transmission
(When the FTP transmission is failed, backup on an optional SD memory card is available.)
No. of Simultaneous Users Up to 14 users (Depends on network conditions)
SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card (Option) H.264 recording: Manual REC/ Alarm REC (Pre/Post)/ Schedule REC
JPEG recording: Manual REC/ Alarm REC (Post)/ Backup upon network failure
Compatible SD (SDHC/SDXC) card: Panasonic 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB*, 8 GB*, 16 GB*, 32 GB*, 64 GB** model
*SDHC card, ** SDXC card (except miniSD card and microSD card)
Cellular Phone Compatibility JPEG image, AUX control (by access level) 
Mobile Terminal Compatibility iPad, iPhone, iPod touch (iOS 4.2.1 or later) Android mobile terminals
Alarm Source 3 terminals input, VMD, Command alarm
Alarm Actions SDXC/SDHC/SD memory recording, E-mail notication, Indication on browser, FTP image transfer, Panasonic protocol output, HTTP notification
Alarm Log With SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card: 5,000 logs, without SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card: 1,000 logs
Schedule Alarm/ VMD/ Access permission/ H.264 recording 
Microphone/Line Input ø3.5 mm monaural mini jack, Input impedance: Approx. 2 kΩ
- For microphone input: Applicable microphone: Plug-in power type, Supply voltage: 2.5 V ±0.5 V
- For line input: Input level: Approx. –10 dBV 
Audio Output ø3.5 mm stereo mini jack (monaural output),
Output impedance: Approx. 600 Ω, Line leve
External I/O Terminals ALARM IN 1, ALARM IN 2(ALARM OUT), ALARM IN 3(AUX OUT) (x1 for each)
Mounting method Ceiling/ Wall 
Power Source and Power Consumption  DC12V, PoE (IEEE802.3af compliant)/ DC*12 V: 540 mA/ 6.5 W/ PoE 48 V: 125 mA / 6.0 W (Class 2 devices)
Ambient Operating Temperature -40 °C to +50 °C (-40 °F to 122 °F) 
Ambient Operating Humidity Less than 90 % (no condensation) 
Water and Dust Resistance IP66, IEC60529 measuring standard compatible, Type 4X(UL50), NEMA 4X complian
Shock Resistance Compliant with 50J (IEC 60068-2-75)/IK10 (IEC 62262) 
Railway Application EN50155-T3, EN50121, ECE-R10, EN45545, EN50498
Dimensions ø154 mm x 50.5 mm (H) {ø6-1/16 inches x 2 inches (H)}
Mass (approx.)  Approx. 0.8 kg {1.76 lbs} (including the camera attachment) 
Finish Main body: Aluminum die cast, light gray
Dome section: Clear polycarbonate resin

- Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc.

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng. 

Giá: Vui lòng gọi

Số lượng :

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