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24-Port 10/100Mbps PoE Switch NETONE NO-AF-2422 (260 Watt)

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Mã số:04250010
24-Port 10/100Mbps PoE Switch NETONE NO-AF-2422 (260 Watt)

24-Port 10/100Mbps PoE Switch NETONE NO-AF-2422 (260 Watt)

-       Bao gồm: 2-port Gigabit Uplink Ethernet, 2-port SFP Uplink, 24 port PoE, công suất mỗi port 15.4W, tổng công suất 260W.

-       24 Port AF PoE Ports+2 SFP Ports+2 gigabit Ethernet Ports

-       Bandwidth: 8.8Gbps

-       Supply Line:End-Span(12+,36-)

-       PoE STD:IEEE802.3af(15.4W)

-       Built-in Power: 360W (48V8.3A/52V6.9A)



-       Support power by a Cat.5 Ethernet cable wireless access point (AP) and network surveillance cameras 

-       124 port support IEEE802.3af standard power

-       24*10/100 Mbps+ 2*10/100/1000M  RJ45 ports with Auto-negotiation,2*SFP Uplink Fiber port

-       The Uplink port is 155Mbps SC Fiber interface

-       Complies with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T and  IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX standard 

-       Flow control:IEEE 802.3x flow control for Full-duplex Mode, Backpressure for Half-duplex Mode

-       Auto-MDI/MDIX

-       Supports uplink port Lightning protection (port 9 to reach two level lightning protection requirements)

-       Supports PoE power up to 130W for all PoE ports18 Port

-       Supports PoE power up to 15.4W for each PoE port

-       Adopts store and forward switching mechanism

-       All ports support wire-speed switching, frame size in the range of 64 to 1536 can achieve wire-speed

-       Fanless design, Natural cooling

-       Small, compact and quiet design suitable for placement on the desktop or wall

-       Zero configuration power adapter is automatically supplied to the adaptive equipment

-       Two Gigabit ports multiplexed photoelectric

-       Two built-in Gigabit ports provides fast connections to servers or Gigabit backplane. Use 24 10/100 Mbps ports, two copper 10/100/1000 Mbps ports and two optional SFP fiber connections slot effective connectivity, allowing growing business networks, classrooms and workgroups can benefit from the performance and maintenance of network expansion in demand superior. This high-performance switch featuring a non-blocking architecture, wire-speed, with a 8.8Gbps switching capacity of the maximum amount of the file transfer. All 26 RJ45 ports can auto-negotiate the highest connection speed and support Auto Uplink ™ technology to ensure proper network connection.


Convenient and flexible

Choose to plug in up to eight IEEE802.3af IP-based POE devices like wireless access points or IP-based network surveillance cameras. Place these IEEE802.3af-compliant devices where they belong – high up on walls and ceiling for maximum coverage – or anywhere else you need them. Power and data are carried over standard Cat 5 cabling. As it convenient and flexible, particularly popular in security monitoring network camera installation business.


Plug and Play

The standards-based NO-AF-2422 senses and adjusts for network speed and cabling type automatically, for easy integration into your existing 10/100 Ethernet network. For PoE, the switch automatically detects IEEE802.3af-compliant devices, and supplies power as needed. Front panel LEDs keep you informed of switch and PoE status.

Quiet and Compact

Design for compact and convenience, it durable metal case that is easily positioned on your desktop or a wall, using the included mounting hardware. The fan-less design quietly integrates with your small office environment.


Great Value

With data switching and Power over Ethernet integrated into one unit, the PoE Switch saves space, reduces cables and eliminates the requirement for dedicated electrical outlets – lowering installation costs, simplifying installation of PoE-capable devices, and eliminating the need for electricians or extension cords. All in all, a great benefit for a modest price.


Compared to non-green version could energy-saving 60% , and with automatic standby mode and cable length detection fuction – when the port is not connected, automatic standby mode to save energy; cable shorter than 10 meters, the lower transmission power. At least 80% of the packaging is recyclable resources.


-       Million HD monitors transmission and power

-       Wireless AP layout transmission and power

-       VoIP transmission, Intelligent Home Systems

-       Urban Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITS), Safe City, Wireless City

-       Highway monitoring system, Electronic road monitoring, Capture system

-       Large industrial enterprise security monitoring systems, network multifunction system

-       Remote multimedia teaching / Campus monitoring, Video conferencing systems

-       Building intercom, Wireless communications, Video surveillance



Product Name

24-Port AF PoE Switch with 24 PoE Ports+2 SFP Port+2 Gigabit Ethernet



Connector Type

24x 10/100M copper cable RJ45 ports(24 PoE Ports+2 SFP Port+2 Gigabit Ethernet)

Network Media

10BASE-T: Cat3,4,5 UTP(≤100 meter) 100BASE-TX: Cat5 or more UTP (≤100 meter)


8.8Gbps (non-blocking)

Address Database Size



190,000 hours (about 21 years)

Forwarding Mode


Network Protocols

IEEE 802.3i 10BASET; IEEE 802.3u 100BASETX; IEEE 802.3x Flow Control; IEEE 802.1af DTE Power via MDI; IEEE 802.3af

LED Display

System: power supply; Every Port: connecting, PoE working status

Power Supply

Power input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz; (every country use a custom power plug)

PoE Ports

Port 1-24 support POE

PoE Port Power

15.4W for each POE port

PoE Standard

IEEE 802.3af

PoE Feature

All ports support MDI/MDIX

Working Environment

Operating Temperature: -30 ° ~ 55 ° C; Storage Temperature: -40 ° ~ 85 ° C; Operating Humidity: 5% ~ 95%, non-condensing



Transmission Distance

Data transmission distance: 100m

Product Size

43cmx27cmx6.6cm, 4.4kg

-       Sản xuất tại Taiwan.

-       Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

Giá: Vui lòng gọi

Số lượng :

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