Zoom Lens Projector PANASONIC ET-ELT22

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Zoom Lens Projector PANASONIC ET-ELT22

Zoom Lens Projector PANASONIC ET-ELT22

- Zoom lens is designed for use with a Pansonic's applicable projector. The lens makes it possible to vary the projection distance by changing the focal distance.


- F value: 1.8-2.3

- Focal distance (f): 45.6mm - 73.8mm.

- Throw ratio: 

   + WUXGA 2.8-4.6:1 for PT-MZ770/MZ670/MZ570/EZ770Z (16:10 aspect ratio);

   + WXGA 2.8-4.6:1 for PT-MW730/MW630/MW530/EW730Z (16:10 aspect ratio);

   + XGA 2.8-4.6:1 for PT-EX800Z (4:3 aspect ratio).

- Dimensions (W x H x D): 108x108x197 mm.

- Weight: Approx. 1.18kg.

- Applicable projector: 

   + PT-EZ770Z series: PT-EZ770Z/EZ770ZL/EW730Z/EW730ZL/EW800Z/EX800ZL;

   + PT-MZ670 series: PT-MZ670/MZ670L/MZ570/MZ570L/MW630/MW630L/MW530/MW530L;

   + PT-MZ770 series: PT-MZ770/MZ770L/MZ730/MZ730L.

Giá: 26.532.000 VND

Số lượng :

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