Trantec UHF Wireless Set TOA S5.5-HD

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Trantec UHF Wireless Set TOA S5.5-HD

Trantec UHF Wireless Set TOA S5.5-HD

- The S5.5-HD UHF Wireless Microphone Kit incorporates the latest technological advances, enabling it to satisfy the demands of a wide range of theatre and broadcast applications. The high-quality audio and RF dynamics combine with true-diversity operation to provide a system with excellent mulit-channel capability, enabling up to 24 channels to operate simultaneously without interference. The S5.5-HD Kit contains a Receiver and Handheld transmitter.


Model S5.5-HD
S5.5-RX Receiver
Type Dual Diversity feature PLL Dual conversion receivers
IF Fred 1st IF 55.875MHz/2nd IF 10.7 MHz
Sensitivity <1uV/12dB SINAD
Squelch sensitivity 6-36dBuV
Tone Frequency  32.768kHz
lst >70dB
RSSI range 10 steps 30dB range
Antenna Inputs TNC 50 Ohms
AF switches Low Cut - High Boost - Phase Reversal
AF Output level XLR Line +15dBm max. /XLR Mic-25dBm max/ Unbalanced 1/4-inch jack socket  +9dBm max.
Antenna Phantom 9V @60mA short circuit protected on each RF port
Bank Specification 10 Banks x 24 Channels
Infra-Red Link Range 15 cm max
Computer Interface Computer monitoring via rear panel USB interface 
Power Consumption  300mA @12Vdc nominal
S5.5-HDX Handheld Transmitter
Power supply Single Alkaline 'AA' cell 1.5V nom
Power Consumption  Typically 120mA
Microphone Element  Handheld: Dynamic microphone, hyper carfioid
Operating time Typically 8-10hrs minimum
RF Carrier Power <50mW
Maximim Input level 146dB SPL
Controls AF Mute
Gain Range Handheld: 3 steps 6dB
Handheld dimensions 32x250 mm.Grille diameter 51mm. Weight 350g

- Sản xuất tại Taiwan.

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

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