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Gigabit 56V passive PoE Mimosa (for C5)

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Mã số:04450007
Gigabit 56V passive PoE Mimosa (for C5)

Gigabit 56V passive PoE Mimosa (for C5)

The Mimosa Gigabit 56V passive PoE wall plug is a compact and clutter-free solution for Mimosa C5 and C5c installs. Simply connect to an AC outlet and run your cable direct to the CPE. Its clean appearance makes for a professional-looking installation that reduces the risk of disconnection caused by consumers tapping into power strips.


Data Transfer Rate Gigabit 
Connectors 2x RJ-45
LEDs Power Indicator
Input Voltage 100-240V ~ 0.8A 50-60 Hz
Output Voltage 56V===0.275A
PIN 3,6 +56V
Dimensions 51 x 86 x 33 mm
Weight 0.11kg

- Thương hiệu Mimosa của Mỹ.

- Sản xuất tại Trung Quốc.

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.


Giá: Vui lòng gọi

Số lượng :

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