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Sensor Speaker TAKEX PV-12(E)

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Mã số:13301896
Sensor Speaker TAKEX PV-12(E)

Sensor Speaker TAKEX PV-12(E)

- Sensor Speaker is designed to detect movement when the sensor detects people or cars, it switches on the announcement recorded in the internal speech synthesised LSI.

- General Description: Sensor Speaker is the product which combines a passive infrared sensor to detect the infrared(=body temperature)emitted from a human body or vehicles and trigger the speech synthesis LSI. Sensor Speaker is designed for wide applications such as an announcement speaker in various institutions or alarm/warning speaker at dangerous areas or construction sites.

- Genuine speech synthesis device with PIR sensor: It sends a message only when the built-in sensor detects people or cars. The horn speaker with max. 100dB/1m will be suitable for professional use.

- Easy recording and playback: Max. recording time:8 sec. Simple recording by facing the microphone. Possible to record various messages any time, so applications are variable.

- Output contact convenient to trigger other systems: Dry contact relay equipped. Easy to connect to lights, chimes buzzer, and camera system, etc.

- Others

   + Sound volume adjustment.

   + Memory back-up; max.20 days record reserved after power off.

   + Rain proof.


Description Sensor Speaker
Model number PV-12
Detection system Passive infrared
Detection Area Wide angle (max. : 12m, 39')
Sensitive zone 24 zones (12 pairs)
Sensitivity volume Variable 20 to 180% (medium: 100%)
Power voltage DC12V+/-2V (non-polarity)
Current consumption (Standing by) below 20mA
(Operating) below 500mA (Max. Vol.)
Output signal Dry contact relay : 1C
Contact capacity : AC/DC 30V, 0.5A (Resistive load)
Output time : eight (8) seconds
Power timer Sixty (60) seconds (no detection, recording O.K.)
Sound synthesis method ADM method
Record method Built-in condenser microphone
Record/Playback time Eight (8) seconds
Sound memory capacity : 256 Kbit S-RAM
Record memory back-up time More than 20 days with non-electrified conditions
(temp.=25C, electrified over 30 minutes).
Sound output motion One-shot eight (8) seconds playback motion by detection signal (no retrigger during playback).
Sound output power Max. 2W Over 100dB (1m ahead) at a right record level.
Sound volume adjustment Continuously variable from 0 to max.
Indication LED [ Record ] Level indicator xfunction
Right: blink, underrate: LED on, overrate: LED off.
[ Playback ] LED on during playback.
Ambient temperature -20C to +50C (no dew, no frost)
Installation place Indoor/outdoor (rainproof)
Wiring method Lead wire (5 core), 40' / 1m attached.
Installation Method Screw on flange.
Weight 1050g, including wire / 100g.
External appearance Black (PC resin)
Attachments Installation flange, fixing screws.

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.


Giá: 4.862.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

Số lượng :

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