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Passive Infrared Sensor TAKEX PA-7100E

Trang Chủ >> Báo cháy-Báo trộm >> Báo động TAKEX >> Passive Infrared Sensor TAKEX PA-7100E
Mã số:13304001
Passive Infrared Sensor TAKEX PA-7100E

Passive Infrared Sensor TAKEX PA-7100E

- General description

   + TAKEX original CPU controls all of sensor functions including signal processing and calculation work.

- Two quad (octa-) element

   + 360 degrees sensor has been developing from single type to twin type in quest of function reliability.

   + On the other hand. in a process of the evolution. various problems such as scattered sensitivity or zone direction have been caused and general twin sensors have been remedied by means of forcing twin sensors into forming signal zone. PA-7100E has got over such problems with completely new concept - two quad (octa-) element sensor.

   + As PA-7100E is signal processing in common with the other PA-7000E series sensors, so PA-7100E has raised discrimination of external disturbances and attained to uniform high sensitivity in every area.

- Compensation circuit

   + Sensitivity of the unit is automatically adjusted relative to the environmental temperature.

   + The sensitivity becomes maximum at body temperature range and decreases when the temperature differential changed either higher or lower. This eliminates the need for seasonal manaul adjustments.

- Alarm memory

   + Unit contains special circuitry to indicate that it has activated an alarm during its armed period.

- Remote control LED

   + Allows the walk test LED to be enabled/ disabled remotely through a control panel.

- Lower power consumption

   + 15mA (with 12V DC supplied).

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model PA-7100E
Area Round type (360 degrees coverage)
Coverage 40' (12m) dia. at 12' (3.6m)
Number of sensitive zone 264 (33 sets.)
Mounting position Indoor ceiling within 12' (3.6m)
Supply voltage 9V to 18V DC(non-polarity)
Power consumption 15mA (at 12V), 20mA (at aim adjustment)
Alarm output 0.1A, 30V, 1c Reset: 2sec. +/-1sec.
Tamper output 0.1A, 30V, 1b
Ambient temperature range +14F to +122F (-10C to + 50C)
Memory function Control at terminal 8 : Lights up for memory indication
LED control Control at terminal 9 or built-in switch
Weight 11.6 oz (330g)

- Xuất xứ: Nhật Bản.

- Bảo hành: 18 tháng.

Giá: 3.562.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

Số lượng :

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