Modular Jack LS Shielded Cat6A UTP RIDC

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Modular Jack LS Shielded Cat6A UTP RIDC

Modular Jack LS Shielded Cat6A UTP RIDC

- Part Number: LS-MJ-SC6A-RIDC.

- 180º Shielded CAT6A Modular Jack, RIDC type.


- LS Simple™ Category 6A modular jacks are designed and manufactured to meet today s and tomorrow s demanding international standards. They take into consideration the need for reliable and quick installations. The Jack is individually terminated using Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) giving assurance of wire connection when using a punch down tool and handing tool for easy installation. User instructions and basic wiring layout for standard configuration are included. The LS Simple™ Modular Jack comes with the ability to wire to a T568A or T568B configuration and fully complies with TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10-Augmented Category 6 transmission Performance.


- Horizontal Distribution & Backbone Cabling.

- 4/16 Mbps Token Ring(IEEE 802.5).

- 10/100/1000/10G BASE-T(IEEE 802.3).

- 155 Mbps ATM.

- 100Mbps TP-PMD.


- RoHS Compliant.

- ATM LAN 1.2G.


Part Number LS-MJ-SC6A-RIDC
Electrical / Mechanical Characteristics
Current Rating 1.5 A
Insulation Resistance 500 MΩ
DC Resistance 0.1 Ω Max
Voltage 150 VAC Max
Insertion Life 750 Mating Cycles
Plug Retention Force 20 lbs (89N)
Temperature -40ºC ~ 68ºC
Humidity 10% ~ 90% RH
IDC Accept 22 ~ 26 AWG Solid Wire
Housing High Impact Flame Retardant Plastic, UL 94V-0 Rated
Spring Wire Phosphor Bronze Plated with 50, Micro-inch (1.27 microns) Thick Gold, Over 80 Micro-inch (2.54 microns), Thick Nickel Undercoat
IDC Plastic Polycarbonate or ABS, UL 94V-0 Rated
IDC Contact Phosphor Bronze Plated with 100, Micro-inch (2.54 microns) Thick Tin
Category TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 Category 6A / ISO 11801 Category EA
Wiring Scheme T568A/T568B
Meet FCC CFR 47 Parts 68

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