Máy bộ đàm hàng hải YAESU STANDARD HORIZON HX-751L

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Máy bộ đàm hàng hải YAESU STANDARD HORIZON HX-751L

Máy bộ đàm hàng hải YAESU STANDARD HORIZON HX-751L

-       88 kênh hàng hải.

-       Công suất phát mạnh 6W.

-       Hiển thị mức chỉnh Âm lượng và khử trong SQL trên màn hình.

-       Máy tự nổi khi rơi xuống nước và đèn chớp SOS.

-       Công suấtt âm thanh lớn 700mW.

-       Máy tự nổi khi rơi xuống nước.

-       Có cảm biến nhiệt độ, có kênh báo thời tiết.

-       Bao gồm: Máy chính, Anten, Pin Ni-MN 1150mAh, Adapter sạc

-       Sản phẩm của hãng YAESU Nhật Bản.

-       Sản xuất tại Trung Quốc.

-       Bảo hành: 12 tháng.



-       6W Floating Hand Held VHF with glow-in-dark gasket

-       FLOATING - Submersible JIS-7 / IPX7 (3.3 feet for 30 minutes)

-       Luminescent Glow in the dark gasket

-       6 Watt transmit power

-       Volume & Squelch indication on display

-       SOS Strobe light 

-       Battery life indication

-       Preset key used to recall up to 10 favorite channels 

-       700 mW Loud speaker audio with Audio Tone Control for treble and bass adjustment

-       Easy to read Large LCD with Channel names 

-       All USA/International and Canadian Marine Channels

-       Programmable Scan, Priority Scan and Dual Watch

-       NOAA Weather channels and Weather Alert

-       Built-in thermometer sensor

-       Updated keypad with SOS Strobe enable 

-       Key lock 

-       Audio Tone Control for treble and bass adjustment

-       Selectable Power Output 6/5/2.5/1 Watt

-       1150 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 

-       110VAC and 12VDC Chargers included

-       Optional FBA-38 alkaline battery tray available

-       Optional speaker microphones and headsets available 




Drop the radio in the water at night, no worries as the HX751 floats and case gasket glows-in-the-dark to assist retrieval.


FLOATING - Submersible JIS-7 / IPX7 

The HX751 has been designed from the ground up to be completely submersible to a depth of 3.3 feet for 30 minutes, and it FLOATS!


6W Transmit Power 

The HX751 is able to select 1W, 2.5W, 5W to conserve battery life or for maximum transmit distance the HX751 can be selected to transmit 6W.


Preset Key 

Dedicated key that allows programming and quick selection of up to 10 favorite Marine VHF or NOAA Weather channels.

Volume and Squelch Levels 

The HX751 display graphically shows volume and squelch adjustment to aid in operation.


Loud speaker audio 

The HX751 is designed to be heard in even the noisiest environments with 700mW of power supplied to the internal speaker.


Programmable Scan, Priority Scan and Dual Watch 

Scanning is not an issue with the HX751. The radio can be setup to scan any number of channels with or without a priority channel or simply can be setup to scan between a priority channel and on other channel (dual watch).


NOAA Weather channels and Weather Alert 

10 NOAA and Canadian Weather channels are pre-programmed and easily selectable using the dedicated WX key. In addition, the HX751 can be set to monitor WX channels and provide an audible alert to inform of pending storm advisories.


Built-in thermometer sensor 

The HX751 has a front panel mounted temperature sensor allowing you to see if water is warm enough to take a swim.


Audio Tone Control 

The speaker audio can be customized to adjust the treble or bass to increase listening of transmissions.


AC and DC chargers 

The HX751 is included with a desktop charging cradle and AC and DC adapters to charge when on shore or on your vessel.


Battery Life indication 

The display shows a battery bargraph guage to inform the charge left in the Lithium-ion battery.

Speaker Microphone Connection 

Optional speaker microphone or headsets are available to assist with your communications needs.


It’s built better so backed better 

Because the HX751 is built better, it’s back better. If your Standard Horizon HX751 ever fails for any reason including water damage during normal use in the first three years, STANDARD HORIZON will repair or replace it free, without hassle or charges…period! If it fails thereafter in normal use it for the life time of the product it is covered by Standard Horizon’s Lifetime Flat Rate Service and Customer Loyalty Programs.

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