Loa hộp TOA HX-5W

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Loa hộp TOA HX-5W

Loa hộp TOA HX-5W

- The HX-5W is a 2-way compact speaker system that permits both constant directivity control over a wide frequency range and changes in directivity. 

- It is ideal for reproducing clear sound in spaces with long reverberation times or high background noises. 

- The HX-5W is designed for indoor use.


Model HX-5W
Enclosure Bass-reflex type
Power Handling Capacity Continuous pink noise: 200 W, Continuous program: 600 W
Rated Impedance 8Ω
Sensitivity (1 W, 1 m) 96 dB (60º mode), 97 dB (45º mode), 98 dB (30º mode), 99 dB (15º mode)
Crossover Frequency 4 kHz
Directivity Angle Horizontal: 100º (2 kHz or more)
Vertical: 60º (800 Hz or more), 45º (1.2 kHz or more), 30º (1.6 kHz or more), 15º (3.2 kHz or more) variable
Finish Enclosure: Polypropylene, white
Punched net: Surface-treated steel plate, white
Dimensions 408 (W) × 546 (H) × 342 (D) mm
Weight 16kg

- Sản xuất tại Indonesia.

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.


Giá: Vui lòng gọi

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