Kính 3D Phân Cực OPTOMA ZD301

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Kính 3D Phân Cực OPTOMA ZD301

Kính 3D Phân Cực OPTOMA ZD301

-       Kính 3D được thiết kế để dùng cho các dòng máy chiếu DLP-Link 3D.

-       Sử dụng pin sạc.

-       Chức năng tự động tắt nguồn để tiết kiệm pin.

-       Tần số quét: 96/100/120/144 Hz

-       Lightweight, stylish design for a comfortable fit

-       Batteries provide up to 60 hours of use.

-       Long effective distance range.

-       Compatible with most 3D DLP® projection systems


Optoma ZD301 DLP® Link™ 3D Glasses

The Optoma ZD301 DLP® Link™ 3D glasses offer customers the best 3D viewing experience available in today’s market. Our most comfortable 3D glasses design is both lightweight and stylish at just 0.1 pounds and come with interchangeable nose pieces for customized comfort. Experience 3D like never before with the ZD301 DLP Link 3D glasses.


3D Picture Quality Meets Surprising Comfort

3D viewing has reached a new level of comfort. Gone are the days of cheap plastic or cardboard glasses that press onto your face and irritate your ears. The ZD301 DLP® Link™ 3D glasses feature a lightweight design that is easy on the ears, providing for long-term comfort. The ZD301 glasses are large enough to fit over most prescription glasses, allowing anyone enjoy the exciting experience of 3D content.


What is a 3D Compatible Projector?

Using the inherent speed of DLP technology, select Optoma projectors can output video and images at an astonishing rate of 120Hz, allowing you to show full screen, full color, stereoscopic 3D.

The 3D effect is generated by splitting this signal into two standard video streams, one for each eye. 3D glasses synchronize with the image on screen to filter each stream to the correct eye. Your brain then combines the two streams to make them jump to life. Optoma 3D enabled projectors can only display 3D images when 3D content is delivered to the projector from a PC with software able to generate a 3D image and a graphics card that supports 3D display. Typical applications include 3D computer games, 3D educational software and 3D design and modeling software.


What Hardware and Software is Required to Project a 3D Image?

-       An Optoma 3D capable projector

-       3D source from Blu-ray DVD player, PC or gaming console

-       Content created in 3D including video games, movies, educational programs and CAD programs

-       DLP® Link™ or similar active lens 3D glasses


Can a 3D Projector be Used to Watch 3D Blu-Ray Discs or 3D Programs Broadcast Via Satellite or Cable?

Currently, Optoma 3D projectors cannot be used to view 3D content from TV broadcast systems or Blu-ray players. Optoma projectors may support these applications in the future but will require additional hardware at an extra cost. After broadcast, Blu-ray and 1080p standards are finalized projectors may be developed to incorporate technology to display 3D video programs without additional hardware.

A 3D Blue ray player (1080p) is sending over a large amount of information to the monitor or projector and a new standard HDMI 1.4a connector is required. The projectors do not have an HDMI 1.4a input nor the bandwidth to receive this type of signal. There are several broadcast standards on the horizon and we have not received information about these standards as they are still being finalized so in the interim the only way to process the variety of signals being developed is to develop or purchase a multi-standard box that translates the various signals to work with the projectors. As usual, there are many companies that want to develop their own way of sending the information.

The reason that you see bundles being offered now is that Samsung and other companies want to supply customers with at least one working source with their 3D display.



Frame Rate


Sync Method

DLP® Link™ active shutter glasses


One button to power “ON” and “OFF”


Rechargeable as many as 1000 times

Battery Life

60 hours



Dimensions (W x H x D)


Standard Accessories

3D Glasses, USB charging cable, soft pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth, nose piece



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