Khung giám sát TOA VX-2000SF

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Khung giám sát TOA VX-2000SF

Khung giám sát TOA VX-2000SF 

The VX-2000SF Surveillance Frame is the output matrix section of the VX-2000 system that assigns audio signals to individual zones from 4 audio buses. It can be extended to up to 8 units. A total of 10 units of output modules and control modules can be installed per VX-2000SF. The following 6 types of modules can be used: the VX-200SP Pilot Tone Detection module, the VX-200SP-2 Pilot Tone Detection module (End of Line), the VX-200SZ Impedance Detection module, the VX-200SZ-2 Impedance Detection module, the VX-200SI Control Input module, and the VX-200SO Control Output module.


Model VX-2000SF
Power Source  24 V DC (operating range: 20 - 40 V DC)
M3.5 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 8.8 mm
Power Consumption Under 2A (40 VDC)
Number of Module Slot 10, usable modules: VX-200SZ, VX-200SP, VX-200SI, VX-200SO
Frequency Response 20 - 20,000 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio Over 60 dB
Distortion Under 0.5%
Cross Talk Under -60 dB (1 kHz, 0 dB)
Audio Link Input/Output Number of audio busses: 4
0 dB, electronically balanced, RJ45 female connector
Twisted-pair straight cable (TIA/EIA-586A standard)
Standby Amplifier Link RJ45 female connector for connecting the VP-2064, VP-2122, VP-2241, VP-2421 Power Amplifier.
Twisted-pair straight cable
Communication System VX-2000, VX-2000SF: RJ45 female connector x 2, LONWORKS RS-485
VX-2000DS: RJ45 female connector x 2, Twisted-pair straight cable
Operating Temperature 0ºC to +40ºC
Finish Panel: Surface-treated steel plate, black, 30% gloss, paint
Dimensions 482 x 132.6 x 337 mm
Weight 5.6kg

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