Hộp nối dây mở rộng 10 vùng TOA JP-024

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Hộp nối dây mở rộng 10 vùng TOA JP-024

Hộp nối dây mở rộng 10 vùng TOA JP-024

It is a 2 size 10 station junction panel that can be installed in a rack conforming to the EIA standard dedicated to the operation for expansion. 

Up to 4 units can be connected. It is used in conjunction with the commercial junction panel JP - 034.


Model JP-024
Power supply DC 24 V (supplied from JP-034)
Current consumption Up to 220 mA
Speaker line R1 to 5, R6 to 10 2 terminals
C1 to 5, C6 to 10 2 terminals
N 10 terminal
High impedance line: Up to 200 W per station (high impedance 100 series)
Up to 140 W (high impedance 70 series)
M3.5 screw terminal barrier distance 9 mm
External control input Remote microphone / preliminary control × 10 M3.5 screw terminal barrier interval 9 mm
Power amplifier connection terminal 2 pairs (C1, H1: speaker lines 1 to 5, C2, H2: speaker lines 6 to 10)
M4 screw terminal barrier spacing 8.8 mm
Finish Panel: Precoated steel sheet black (Munsell N 1.0 approximate color) 3 minutes gloss
Dimensions 482 (W) x 88.4 (H) x 315.3 (D) mm
Weight 3.8kg

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- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.


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