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Explosion-Proof Photoelectric Beam Sensor TAKEX PXH-200EX

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Explosion-Proof Photoelectric Beam Sensor TAKEX PXH-200EX

Explosion-Proof Photoelectric Beam Sensor TAKEX PXH-200EX

- Explosion-Proof Photoelectric Beam Sensor, 200m, double modulation, Class I & II hazardous location.

- Long-distance beam sensor for outdoor use equipped with intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure which can be used in hazardous areas of Class 1 (Zone 1) and Class 2 (Zone 2).

- Two types of the product ('L” and “H”) with different frequencies available for mutual interference prevention in case of multi-level protection and long straight line protection.


Product Explosion-proof Photoelectric beam sensor
Model PXH-200EXH
Test model number Transmitter: No. T68885
Receiver: No: T68884
Test model (100V) Transmitter
Test model (200V) Transmitter
Protection Distance 200m or less
Max. arrival distance 1500m
Detection system Near infrared pulsed beam interruption system
Infrared beam Double modulation pulsed beam by LED
Response time 0,.05 sec or more
Alarm output (relay built-in: receiver) Dry contact relay output form b (closed: in operation, open: on alarm)
Contact action: Interruption time (Min. 2 sec)
Contact capacity: AC/DC 30V・0.25A・Max.7.5VA (resistive load)
Power supply 100V: AC100V (50/60Hz)
200V: AC200V (50/60Hz)
Current consumption Transmitter: 4.6VA 50Hz・2.9VA 60Hz
Receiver: 4.7VA 50Hz・3.0VA 60Hz
Ambient temperature range -10 to +40˚C (no condensation and freezing)
Explosion-proof structure Combination of 'Intrinsically safe explosion-proof (ia)' and 'Explosion-proof (d)'
Target gas Flame-proof grade explosion class 2, Ignition temperature G4
Installation area Hazardous area class 1, or class 2
Wiring Terminals
Entrance of cable lead-in fitting Pressure-resistant packing type JIS B0202 :
Nominal designation of screw thread for thick steel conduit tube G1(PF1):CTG28
Entrance of protection tube  G3/4 (PF3/4)
Weight Transmitter/Receiver Approx. 10kg/unit
Appearance Stainless steel plate, bake-coated with heat curing epoxy resin (Munsell N7)

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

Giá: Vui lòng gọi (Đã bao gồm VAT)

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