Chân đế xoay TOA YS-151S

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Chân đế xoay TOA YS-151S

Chân đế xoay TOA YS-151S

The YS-151S is a swivel bracket for mounting small horn speakers (not usable for car mounting). It permits the adjustment of the speaker installation angle for up to 360º horizontal and 180º vertical. The YS-151S features the strong, weather-resistant construction made of zinc.


Model YS-151S
Finish Bracket : Zinc, black, paint
Hexgon headed bolt, butterfly nut, coiled spring, and washer: Stainless steel
Weight 430g
Applicable speakers SC-610, SC-610M, SC-610T, SC-615, SC-615M, SC-615T, SC-630, SC-630M, SC-630T, SC-630TU
Mounting method Mounting using
1. M6 bolt (3 pcs)
2. G16 cable pipe
3. Band

- Sản xuất tại Indonesia.

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.


Giá: Vui lòng gọi

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