Bộ trung tâm thông báo khẩn cấp TOA EP-0510

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Bộ trung tâm thông báo khẩn cấp TOA EP-0510

Bộ trung tâm thông báo khẩn cấp TOA EP-0510
Emergency operation compatible with voice alarm by microcomputer control method It is a 5 size 10 station operation unit which can be mounted on rack conforming to EIA standard.
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Power supply 24VDC
Current consumption 600 mA
Emergency alarm tone Speech synthesis sound (1st signal, 2nd signal, sensor broadcasting broadcasting, fire broadcasting, non-fire broadcasting broadcasting)
Floor message 1st to 25th floors above the ground, 1st to 5th floors underground, stairs, elevator, rooftop, tower, gymnasium, auditorium, no floor
Speech synthesis possible with 330 lines by adding flash memory card (optional)
Additional cost is required for writing to the flash memory card.
Floor Message Language Japanese only / Japanese + English switching type
Automatic fire notification linked mode Interlocking
Warning interlock mode Alarm linkage, alarm interlock stop
Alarm / fire switch Alarm, fire
Fire broadcast transition timer 30 sec - 15 min 30 sec 30 sec Unit (set with internal dip SW Note 1)
Simultaneous transition timer OFF, 0 to 15 minutes 30 seconds 30 seconds unit (set with internal dip SW * 2)
input Emergency work microphone (included): - 40 dB 600 Ω unbalanced 4 P metal outlet
Business preamp: 0 dB 600 Ω balanced horn jack
Timer (Hourly: 0 dB 600 Ω unbalanced horn jack
Emergency sound input: 0 dB 600 Ω unbalanced horn jack
output Emergency / business output: 0 dB 15 Ω balanced horn jack detachable terminal block (3P)
Output control 10 individual stations and 5 stations at a time (individual up to 330 stations by EP-029 expansion)
Broadcast status output Output contents ... During audio alarm output, microphone broadcast, warning broadcasting, fire broadcasting, non-fire broadcasting, abnormality occurrence,
During business broadcasting, maintenance / inspection
Output form ... Open collector output withstand voltage: DC 24 V, current capacity: 0.1 A
function Voice guide function, LCD display (15 characters 4 lines, with FL backlight)
Setting by personal computer RS232C D-sub connector (9P, male)
Monitor speaker 3W
Finish Panel: ABS resin black (Munsell N 1.0 approximate color) 3 minutes gloss
Size 482 (W) x 221.4 (H) x 137.3 (D) mm
mass 4.5 kg
accessories Chime switch unit ... 1, balanced horn plug ... 1,
Code with removable terminal plug (3P) (2.5 m, for audio output) ... 1,
Emergency operation combined microphone unit (unidirectional, dynamic type) ... 1,
Rack mounting screw (with washer) ... 4, name card (for individual use) 2, (for group) 1,
Rack mount bracket (main unit installed) ... 2, operation manual in case of emergency 1, 2 ... 1 each

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