Bộ giao tiếp đa kênh TOA N-8000MI

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Bộ giao tiếp đa kênh TOA N-8000MI

Bộ giao tiếp đa kênh TOA N-8000MI

- The N-8000MI is a multi-interface unit designed for use with TOA's packet intercom system (IP network-compatible intercom system) that employs the packet audio technology. 

- Connecting the multi-interface to a local area network permits the ideal system for in-house or wide-area information transmission applications, such as paging, periodical broadcasts, and background music broadcasts, to be built between the multi-interface and IP intercom exchange or other multi-interface unit. 

- The contact bridge function can be realized through contact input and output control. 

- The N-8000MI also features the tie-line function to be connected to the EXES-2000 intercom system or the EXES-6000 system. 

- A total of up to 192 multi-interface units and IP intercom exchanges can be connected to a network.

- The unit can be mounted in an EIA standard rack (1-unit size) or to a wall using the supplied bracket.

- Sản xuất tại Đài Loan.

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.


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