Bộ điều khiển âm thanh ngõ vào TOA SX-2100AI

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Bộ điều khiển âm thanh ngõ vào TOA SX-2100AI

Bộ điều khiển âm thanh ngõ vào TOA SX-2100AI

- The SX-2100AI is an audio input of the matrix system and can be mounted in an EIA equipment rack (2U size). Multiple units can be decentralized in a whole system. 

- It features modular construction that allows it to handle from two to eight inputs per unit. Audio signals are transmitted digitally to the audio output unit, but an analog audio output function (1 channel) enables simultaneous all-zone calls for use in emergency situations. 

- Audio input levels are indicated on the level meters provided for each input channel. 

- Volumes can be adjusted for each channel using the volume controls on the front panel or the SX-2000 software. The volume controls can be locked. Any input channel can be monitored using the internal speaker. 

- It is also equipped with 16 control inputs, and 16 control outputs. It is equipped with two power inputs, allowing for a redundant power system.


Model SX-2100AI
Power Source Usable power supply unit: VX-200PS
24 VDC (operational range: 20 - 40 VDC)
Two power inputs construction enables dual- redundant power supply.
Current Consumption 2.01 A or less (maximum value in the power operating range)
1.50 A or less (when operated on 24 V DC)
Note: But except current consumption of the external equipment of which power is supplied from the unit.
Indication 18 alphanumeric characters, Level indication (8 inputs, monitor), Status indicators, POWER indicator, STANDBY indicator, CPU OFF indicator
Operation Function button, Input level control, Monitor speaker volume control, ON/OFF switch, Operation button
Audio Input 8 inputs, module construction (max. 4 modules, modules optional) monitoring possible using built-in speaker.
Audio Input Characteristic Sampling frequency: 48 kHz
No. of Connectable Remote Microphone Max. 8
Power Feed to Remote Microphone 100 m (between this unit and a switching hub)

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