4 Loop 1024 Address Fire Alarm Control Panel YUNYANG YFR-1

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4 Loop 1024 Address Fire Alarm Control Panel YUNYANG YFR-1

4 Loop 1024 Address Fire Alarm Control Panel YUNYANG YFR-1

- Trung tâm báo cháy địa chỉ 04 loop 1024 địa chỉ.

- English LCD screen (240x128 or 240 characters).

- LCD backlight energy - saving protection function.

- Two-wire circuits for super long transmission distance (up to 1.5km between the control panels and modules).

- The data memory device can store up to 2000 historical records permanently (the device in graphic system can be expandable up to 20 million records).

- Composed voice alarm function (broadcast in human voice to operators).

- Voice guidance function (while operating).

- Abormal temperature protection function (I/O modules over loading).

- SLCs, IDCs are equipped with insulation for false inspection function.

- Protection against lightning surge.

- I/O modules miswiring protection to accessories are available.

- I/O modules are equipped with segment isolation function.

- A table to review all I/O modules' statuses is available for easier operation.

- Addresses and interlocks can be display on the LCD screen.

- Weekly automatic check function.

- Repeat alarm function.

- Two stage alarm delay function.

- Standby battery with power saving function.

- Control panel expandable function: 

   + Expandable with 17 inch color touch screen, multiple functions for customers to select: remote control or monitor system software.

   + (Touch screen) Disaster Prevention Centre Control Panel.

      + Fire Graphic Control System or Riser Diagram Touch Screen Fire Alarm Display Panel.

      + It is equipped with different Authorization Levels, Individual Password Management, Fire Map Diagram Inquiry, Main Map & Sub Map Diagram, Diagram Printing, Real-time Fire Diagram Popup, Historical Data Inquiry, Operation Dara Enquiry, Stituation Simulation, Desktop Picture Editting, many Diagram Format supported and Database etc...

      + Communication Speed: when a new alarm announcement activates, the test time is less than 500ms.

   + Addressable device connection: up to 2048 addresses.

   + Serial alarm broadcast relay interface: up to 2000 contacts.

   + Addressable Fire Alarm Annuciator: up to 16 units.

   + Graphic PC: 1 unit. Graphic PC can interlink with Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel up to 8 units.

   + Equipped with 3 sets of RS-485 communication ports. It can be use to connect with the central PC's monitoring and control system.

   + Integrated ral-time printer (optional).

   + Disaster Prevention Control Panel can be intergrated (optional).

- Sản xuất tại Taiwan.

- Bảo hàng: 12 tháng. 

Giá: 32.149.000 VND

Số lượng :

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