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Twin Beam and Microwave Sensor TAKEX COM-50XTH

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Mã số:13305753
Twin Beam and Microwave Sensor TAKEX COM-50XTH

Twin Beam and Microwave Sensor TAKEX COM-50XTH

- COM-50XTH is a combination Twin Beam and Microwave Sensor designed to maintain reliable perimeter detection in all weather conditions, for true year-round protection whatever the season.

- Combination Twin Beam + Microwave Sensor.

- Double Modulation.

- IP65 housing.

- Lightning surge protection.

- Integrated height adjustment system.

- Low current consumption.

- New sound check system.

- Back to Back installation.

- Compact design.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model COM-50XTH
Detection system Microwave: Microwave interruption system
Photoelectric beam: Near infrared pulsed beam interruption system (TR-RE 2 beam simultaneous interruption)
Microwave frequency 24.17GHz
Infrared beam Double modulation pulsed beam by LED
Protection distance Outdoor 3.3ft (1m) to 165ft (50m)
Max. arrival distance Microwave: Approx 330ft (100m)
Photoerectric beam: 1650ft (500m)
Response time Microwave: 0.04/ 0.3 sec. (selectable with DIP switch)
Photoelectric beam: 0.05 to 0.7 sec. (changeable with volume switch)
Power supply 12 to 30V DC (Non Polarity)
Current consumption Transmitter: 31mA or less (when armed & Max.)
Receiver: 24mA or less (when armed) 33mA or less (Max.)
Alarm output Dry contact relay output form C
Contact action: Interruption time (Min.2sec.)
Contact capacity: 30V (AC/DC) 0.25A (resistive load) Protective resistor
Environmental/alarm output Dry contact relay output form C *Environment/Alarm selectable
Contact action: (Env.) Activated when weather condition gets worse
(Alarm) Synchronized with alarm output
Contact capacity : 30V (AC/DC) 0.25A (resistive load) Protective resistor
Tamper output Dry contact relay output form b( N.C.)
Action: Activated when cover is detached
Contact capacity: 30V (AC/DC) 0.1A (resistive load) Protective resistor
Alarm LED Red LED (Receiver) ON: when an alarm is initiated
Attenuation LED Red LED (Receiver) ON: When beam is attenuated
Functions Modulation frequency selectable, Tone indicator, Transmitting power indicator, Alarm memory indication, Programmed AGC, Auto-gain lock, Monitor jack, Tamper, Response time adjustment, MW/Beam changeover, Reception sensitivity display, Environmental module, Wireless checker connectable
Area adjustment range Horizontal: ±90° Vertical: ±10°
Ambient temperature range -13 to +140°F (-25 to +60°C)
Mounting position Indoor, Outdoor (IP65)
Wiring Terminals
Weight Transmitter: 56oz (1,600g) Receiver: 57.8oz (1,650g)
Appearance Resin (wine red)

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

Giá: 18.005.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

Số lượng :

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