Loa phát thanh cầm tay 30W TOA ER-2930W

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Loa phát thanh cầm tay 30W TOA ER-2930W

Loa phát thanh cầm tay 30W TOA ER-2930W
The ER-2930W is a shoulder megaphone having facilities of EXT. mic input, an AUX input, a DC power input, a battery meter whistle sound. It can be mounted to the optional ST-16A speaker stand. Handle and microphone with anti-bacteria treatment improve hygiene and safety during use. The newly developed polyimide diaphragm is employed to ensure high sound quality.
Đặc tính kỹ thuật

Power Source Battery: R20P (D) x 10 (15 V DC)
External Power: 12VDC Battery
Rated Output 30 W
Maximum Output 45 W
Signal Sound Whistle (1.6 to 2.4 kHz)
Battery Life Voice: Approx. 17 hours (JEITA), Whistle: Approx. 90 min. (JEITA)
Audible Range Voice: Approx. 800 m (JEITA), Whistle: Approx. 1000 m (JEITA)
AUX Input Sensitivity -10 dB (300 mV), 10 kΩ (φ3.5 mini jack, stereo plug acceptable) ,
volume control
EXT. Mic Input 600 Ω, unbalanced, 6.3 phone jack, volume control
Receiving Frequency UHF (800 MHz Band), VHF (200 MHz Band)
Antenna Fold-down flexible antenna
Diaphragm Polyimide film (voice coil, bobbin)
Remaining Battery Indication LED (also serves as a power indicator)
Steady ON: Normal use, Flashing: Batteries need replacement
Operating Temperature -10 ℃ to +40 ℃
Finish Horn ring: Vinyl chloride, gray
Horn: Aluminum, light gray, paint
Case top: Die-cast aluminum, gray, paint
Strap: Nylon, black, Others: ABS resin, gray
Dimensions φ351 x 512 mm
Weight 3.8 kg (without batteries) , Microphone: 150 g
Accessory φ3.5 mini plug (AUX input)…1, External power supply cord (1 m)…1,
Splash-proof cover…1 
Option Speaker stand: ST-16A, Microphone: DM series
Wireless microphone: WM-3220 series, WM-3310 series, WM-4200 series, WM-4300 series
Wireless tuner: WTU-3800 series, WTU-4800 series

-Sản xuất tại Indonesia.
-Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

Giá: 5.044.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

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