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Loa âm trần chống cháy 6W TOA PC-1867F

Trang Chủ >> Âm thanh thông báo >> Âm thanh TOA >> Loa âm trần chống cháy 6W TOA PC-1867F
Mã số:23020560
Loa âm trần chống cháy 6W TOA PC-1867F

Loa âm trần chống cháy 6W TOA PC-1867F

The PC-1867F Ceiling Mount Speaker features an iron-made dome that prevents the fire from spreading in the ceiling in case of an emergency situation. The speaker can be easily installed using the speaker mounting spring, and the dome can also be easily mounted in the speaker mounting hole in the ceiling panel. The push-in connector permits one-touch cable connection, as well as bridging and branch wiring.


Model PC-1867F
Rated Input 6 W (for 100 V Line), 3 W (for 70 V Line)
Sound Pressure Level 90 dB (1W, 1m), 330 Hz - 3,3 kHz Pink noise
Frequency Response 100 Hz - 16 kHz (without fire dome)
Speaker Component 12 cm (5') cone-type
Speaker Mounting Method Spring catch
Connection Push-in connector (Bridging terminal-2 branch type)
Dimensions φ180 × 11 (exposed section) + 110 (D) mm
Weight 1.4kg

- Sản xuất tại Indonesia.

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.


Giá: Vui lòng gọi

Số lượng :

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